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endless adj
1 tiresomely long; seemingly without end; "endless debates"; "an endless conversation"; "the wait seemed eternal"; "eternal quarreling"; "an interminable sermon" [syn: eternal, interminable]
2 infinitely great in number; "endless waves"
3 having no known beginning and presumably no end; "the dateless rise and fall of the tides"; "time is endless"; "sempiternal truth" [syn: dateless, sempiternal]
4 having the ends united so as to form a continuous whole; "an endless chain"
5 occurring so frequently as to seem ceaseless or uninterrupted; "a child's incessant questions"; "your perpetual (or continual) complaints" [syn: incessant, perpetual]

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  1. having no end
  2. indefinite


having no end
  • Finnish: loputon, loppumaton, päättymätön
  • Portuguese: infinito, infinita, infindável, incessante
  • Finnish: loputon, loppumaton, päättymätön
  • ttbc Dutch: eindeloos
  • ttbc French: infini
  • ttbc Serbian: bezkrajno, bezkrajna, bezkrajni
  • ttbc Turkish: sonsuz, ölümsüz, ebedi

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ageless, all-comprehensive, all-inclusive, amaranthine, articulated, boundless, catenated, ceaseless, coeternal, concatenated, connected, constant, continual, continued, continuing, continuous, countless, cyclical, dateless, de longue haleine, deathless, direct, eternal, eterne, ever-being, ever-durable, ever-during, everlasting, everliving, exhaustless, extended, extending everywhere, featureless, filled out, gapless, illimitable, illimited, immeasurable, immediate, immemorial, immense, immortal, incalculable, incessant, incomprehensible, indefinite, indestructible, inexhaustible, infinite, infinitely continuous, innumerable, interminable, interminate, joined, jointless, lengthy, limitless, linked, long, long-drawn-out, long-spun, long-winded, longiloquent, measureless, monotonous, never-ceasing, never-ending, no end of, nonstop, nonterminating, nonterminous, numberless, olamic, overlong, padded, perdurable, perennial, periodic, permanent, perpetual, prolix, protracted, recurrent, repetitive, round-the-clock, running, seamless, sempiternal, serried, shoreless, smooth, spun-out, stable, steady, straight, sumless, talkative, termless, timeless, twenty-four-hour, unbounded, unbroken, unceasing, uncircumscribed, uncounted, undifferentiated, undying, unending, unfathomable, uniform, unintermitted, unintermittent, unintermitting, uninterrupted, universal, unlimited, unmeasurable, unmeasured, unnumbered, unplumbed, unrelenting, unrelieved, unremitting, unstopped, untold, verbose, windy, without bound, without end, without limit, without measure, without number, wordy
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